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January 17, 2009, 10:18 pm

NY plane lands on water

Amazing skills by the pilot ensured the safe landing of a US Airways plane on the Hudson river!

[BBC News]

There is simply no way to add a picture for this news item which could do justice to the breathtaking images from the landing of the plane and the rescue of all its155 passengers...

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What a wonderful example of scientific knowledge, courage and humanity we saw in the actions of the heroes, Chesley Sullenberger and his co-pilot!

And the rescue mission saw cooperation, and more technology, as the images snapped by ferry passengers were sent to Twitpic to show the world the remarkable scenes.

Congratulations to everyone involved at every little step of the way to this rescue!

How do you land a plane on water?

Good that engineers understand how water behaves - have a peep here at fluid mechanics


Try testing water's unusual properties - here are some suggestions, easy and fun with explanations!

Or you could Ask a question in the Open Forum if you prefer to stay dry!


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