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January 5, 2009, 11:49 am

Gold nanoparticles to deliver drugs

It might sound extravagent, but the quantities of gold needed to deliver vital toxic chemicals to kill cancer cells within the body are minute. The advantage is that the timing of the release of different drugs delivered by the gold nanoparticles can be controlled so that normal cells are not damaged.

[BBC News]

Gold is an element of the periodic table - watch a video here

It is very inert, and so it does not react with other molecules inside our body - Read more about the properties of gold here - That makes it an attractive choice as a drug delivery molecule.

Using  differently shaped gold nanoparticles, different drus can be carried around the body. The drugs are released only at the tissue where they are needed, using different levels of infrared light, which are not dangerous, to melt the gold nanoparticles.