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Congratulations to the winners of Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize 2016! See the winners here.

The DEADLINE for submissions for the 2017 competition has not yet been set. Winners will be presented later this year at a Molecular Frontiers Symposium.

What is the Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize?
If you are up to 17 years old and have a question about molecules, send it to us! Your question may not have a simple answer – some of the most important questions of our time are impossible to answer! That is part of what makes them so interesting! Think about it: your question could eventually lead to a new breakthrough in science!

Molecular Frontiers will award prizes to those who ask the BEST QUESTIONS! The winners are announced once a year at the Molecular Frontiers Symposium at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden. Fun fact: this is also where the Nobel Prize is announced each year.
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What can I win?
5 boys and 5 girls will each year win a medal, a certificate and an iPad. The Medal, designed by eminent bio-nano-technologist Prof. Shuguang Zhang of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, depicts the famous DNA molecule viewed from the unusual "z" direction on one side and an exclamation mark made of a carbon nanotube with a "C60" buckyball point on the other. It also has the name of the winner engraved alongside our moto: CURIOSITY CREATIVITY HONESTY KNOWLEDGE.  

The certificate was designed and hand-painted by our Scientist and Teacher, Artist-in-Residence Dr. Elizabeth Ball and is printed on heavy paper like that of the Nobel prize certificates - perfect for framing!

The Apple iPad is a cool, handheld gadget with limitless capabilities, from playing music and video to surfing the web and much more - just add whatever software you like on your own!
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Who organizes the Prize?                The Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize competition is organized by Molecular Frontiers Foundation. Among our members are top scientists, including no less than twelve Nobel Prize Winners (!) We are represented in many different countries all over the world.

We started this competition because we want your questions! Yes, that's right! We are looking for QUESTIONS about molecules, not answers. In our scientific work we try to find answers, but without good QUESTIONS we would not know where or how to look... so join us in the search for good QUESTIONS!
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How are the winners chosen?
A jury of top scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, identifies the “best” questions from five boys and five girls.This is done at the annual Molecular Frontiers Symposium at the Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more >>Hide <<

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