2016 Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 winners!

The 2016 Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize winners were announced at the Molecular Frontiers Symposium on Oct 9th 2016, at Tokyo University of Science in Japan.


How was the concept of time developed, and how do our brains perceive time?

Yuki Agarwala, 13, Japan

How do we know that the laws of physics are valid in places that we cannot reach or perform experiments on? Such as a distant galaxy. 

Isabel Babun Casas, 15, United States

Is it possible to genetically modify human cells to allow them to regenerate to repair body parts, like an arm of a starfish?

Milee Patel, 14, United States

Abalone shell, from calcium carbonate, is many times stronger than chalk because of its structure. How can we manipulate the structure of particles at nanoscale to produce a stronger material?

Christine Ling ,16, Malaysia

What makes positive and negative charges attract?

Natasha Kowshik, 15, Singapore



As humans are made of numerous of atoms, how are humans able to have consciousness and self-awareness?

Kah Sengphay, 16, Malaysia

Can ATP be harvested for energy outside Biology, like in Physics and Chemistry?

Devansh Shah, 17, Singapore

How can we extract memory from a living brain? And how can we calculate and store it?

Ooi Wei Chern, 16, Malaysia

What are the evolutionary origins of laughter in humans and what is the purpose of the emotion from a survival perspective? 

Christian Gonzalez, 16, United States

How do human beings perceive, compare or generate randomness?

Boyuan Chen, 16, China